You Are Special


Hey folks, the person you love the most deserves your best attention and care, you always look forward to make that person feel special by giving him or her best surprises, best parties, best gifts and what not all on the special day or an occasion of that person.sometimes it really becomes difficult for you to plan new surprise or something unique and what you did all but you forgot to capture all the moment u work hard on, to just get that expression of the person you love !!!

Here we come to help you to plan the special day by our unique and creative concept YOU ARE SPECIAL,

How it works ?

we will first select the best location which fits your pockets,create the beautiful atmosphere, decor the venue, customize the gift and decor , create an ambiance according to the occasion and than create our film as per your requirement.


  • Proposal ideas
  • Birthday surprise
  • Wedding anniversary
  • Pre wedding photo shoot
  • Pre wedding video
  • Parents anniversary
  • Just make feel special
  • Romantic dinner

lovers couple share a romantic dinner with candles on sandy sea beach during sunsetfe86b0aebc71805900392b2ca50cb669




  • Beach
  • Indoor
  • Yacht
  • Limousine ride
  • Garden
  • Lake
  • Rooftop
  • Your Home

we can play around with many things and come up with much more creative ideas than mentioned above, just come to us , we will make the day of the special person of your life really special!!!